Getting NFTs for Weekend Projects

Getting NFTs for Weekend Projects

I haven't given you all a Bootcamp update and I'll address that in this post. This past week I did two build space projects(one of the NFts are on this post). I've been hearing about it from one of my groups and it's very much my thing (hands on). I want to tell you about my experience and where I want to go next with this.


Bootcamp isn't what I expected. It's a lot of words and not enough hands on for me. I'm going to be real frank about things...I am behind on class. I plan to work through coding exercises one day this week, and then taking notes on another day. The talks they have are a bit advance even for me, BUT all this isn't a bad thing. Taking the time to do hackathons and now build space has actually made the material even more clear.

Build Space

OMG this site. Build space reminds me of the projects I use to build in college except they have a lot more instruction for this new field. At first I signed up for just the intro to web3. I loved the experience and breakdown. I finally understood what I was doing in the Nervos hackathon a few months ago. Oh let me backup....completing a project will get you a NFT  for your hard work.

Anyway I really love how Farza breaks down every line of code because I was previously just changing things out the blue. I also love the format. There is a discord that you can post progress in and ask questions. Granted I have kinda slipped on posting progress outside of ig.

All in all if you are looking for a fun and easy way to get into web3 this is definitely it.

The Future

This experience has been fun. I plan to do 1 more build space about Rust, my new found programming love. I want to create 2 crypto related things in the next few months: an ecomm site and have my on "NFT drop".

How do I plan to get this done with the new job and such? No clue. Going to take a very good schedule, good sleep, and some quality breaks. Luckily there is a holiday around the corner so I'll take full advantage of those days and we shall see what dent I can make in these projects.

Oh and I also want to start applying for web3 work. Nothing heavy though. Maybe 1-2 contracts a month would be nice. I just need to put myself out there ya know. I think Rust will help open this door even more and I'm excited to see where that takes me.

On a complete side-note...I don't recommend everyone jump around like I did.