Hour 12-14: Networking Gone Wrong

More homelab hours....I hope I'm right on the number of hours. I'm probs not though

So here is the thing about this task...I'm not sure I did it right. I have the edgerouter and I thought that maybe all I need is an access point. I got the tplink one, but I'm using it as a router because I'm not sure I want to risk messing anything else up.

Anyway let me break down what happened into better chunks...

AP v Router

Access Point (AP) is a pass through where as a router is your main connection point I think. Anyway the setup was super quick thanks to my edgerouter setup. I was able to 1-for-1 my previous setup (name and passowrds). That's where I went wrong with assumptions.

Soon after the switch I tried using CasaOS and ssh into my mini computer with no luck. It took HOURS for me to figure out what was wrong. At one point I just started labeling things on my network. I want to use it as a start point for my asset list (a story for another day). It was at that point I realized the problem. There was a difference in the octet. I wouldn't have found it other wise if I wasn't labeling things based on ip and mac.

Once the octet was fixed we got everything squared away. I was able to ssh and do my updates. I was also able to finally setup nextcloud which took the other part of my time. Let's talk about that. lol


Ok so this one was a bit meh. So here is the thing...I did everything right. lol

Here me out, install with CasaOS is super easy. Nothing shocking there right. Anyway I even listened to Nextcloud about not using sqlite in production and all that. Well I couldn't figure out why I kept getting internal errors after setup. I did like 3-4 install and deletes.

At one point I realize that I don't even have postgres or nothing installed on my server. I went to install that and then tried to restart the docker container...didn't seem to work so ya know...my feels was hurt. I deleted the install again for one last try and somehow everything started working. I was shocked so I signed in and stuff just to make sure.

If I had to do this differently I would make sure I have the db install locally that I want to use. Outside of that setup was super easy. I left it there as I just wanted to make sure I could get things going and figure out the rest later.

What's Next?

I have a few ideas of what to do next. In no certain order here is the list...

  • Figure out uptime kuma for monitoring
  • Figure out how to move my data from 1 nextcloud instance to another
  • There is probably a db migration issue I need to fix for the migration
  • Figure out how to tie a url to a local instance of nextcloud
  • Figure out how to continuously backup things
  • Configure nextcloud to actually save data to my external and not local memory
  • Create and test ansible code to setup everything I have on my local server

Anyway this sounds like a lot and it is. I'm not super worried about it. I seem to always find a way eve if it takes a few hours. I think most of that list is really just me being extra anyway. I'm really enjoying this entire homelab thing if we are being honest. It gives me something controllable to tinker with when I need a different tech release.