Android Studios Database Inspector

Talking about my favorite "new" updates to Android Studios

Android Studios Database Inspector

I know I'm usually talking about the things I wish Google would change. I stand by everything I say, but recently I had good things to say about Google and their update to Android studio.

In my spare time I've been reading more on devops things, but in particular I want to learn more of the native backend things for both Android and iOS so I can make the process faster. Recently that means playing around in Room. Now I'm not a SQL expert but this is where I praise google. There is a database inspector that lets me do two key things:

  1. See what is in the database of my emulator during testing
  2. Allowing me to run test queries on data within the inspector

Seeing the data has been a game changer for me. Allows me to quickly view what is going on and make sure I'm saving or update things correctly (I usually am). Being able to test queries saves me sooooo much time before I write a query in the DAO (data access object). A picture of the button to test queries is below.

So why am I so excited? In the past with sqlite/room I'd be looking for some online sql test and it was hard because I'd have to try to recreate the tables I'm using and have a bunch of windows open just to test 1-2 lines. Now I can have w3 schools sql open and then test everything on the local database (if you are testing delete be careful lol). I'm no longer trying to write more sql than what I need and for that I'm grateful.

That is is. That is all the good stuff I have about Google lately. lol I will say I'm interested to see how Jetpack Compose works with Room, but I'm not there yet. Maybe in a few months I'll be back to talk about it but I don't see me making that move any time soon.

The button to test a sql query