Why am I still in mobile?

Explaining my why

Why am I still in mobile?

After doing/being in mobile development for 8 years I can't let it go. I love security and enjoy dev ops but it all comes back to mobile. I have been away a bit BUT lately I've just really been trying to get my career life together.

~2 years ago I set out to become a Senior Android developer. I made this blog, I started building more, I started reading more...I just went all out in trying to achieve this goal. This year I've finally achieved it. I'm a bit shocked because it was looking a little shaky for awhile, but I wasn't expected to go through the things I did to get here.

I'm always talking about leaving mobile....I want to...I try to...but it pulls me back. Developers in general make you want to quit. I've been lied on in every job because someone doesn't like that I don't talk a lot or they assume something about me but haven't ever really talked to me. Sh*t like that makes me want to give up in mobile, but the advancements in phones, seeing people actively use apps I've helped develop...that's a high I enjoy chasing.

Back to the original question, Why am I still in mobile? I have no clue. I'm not sure if this is a skill I don't want to give up, or that I really enjoy it. I know my developer limits with mobile but we haven't hit that yet. So what will I do when I hit that limit? I'm not 100% sure. Flutter might keep me in the game for a little longer but it wouldn't last another decade. When I figure out what that pivot is I'll definitely write about it.