What does productivity look like?

My view on what productivity is and when you have mastered it.

I originally wanted to write this post and be like "this is what productivity is and how to get there". The problem with that is that I haven't felt too productive this year. A few things I hold near have fallen thorough the cracks. Has it been burn out? Have I overbooked myself? Honestly I don't know but let me explain what I think productivity is and when I assume you can say you have mastered the skill.

What is productivity?

I think productivity is when you feel like you have moved the daily needle and have had ATLEAST 1 successful flow state session. I included the flow state part because I personally like the high feeling you get from it.

If you don't know, flow state is when you are in an uninterrupted work sprint. For me this looks like 1-4hrs of work with my energy drink/coffee, water, some music, and occasion bathroom breaks. I don't get distracted, I don't really feel hunger, and my work is just clicking. I really love that feeling and it helps me feel like I've moved the needle on something in life.

Right now I've got two things of water (flavored and "normal"), the tv on something I don't care about, and I'm pushing out this post. The endorphins are running and I'll feel like today is a win even if my next task fails.

When have you mastered it?

I think productivity is emotion based. If for 90 days you consistently end your day happy, confident, and sure of how smooth the next day will go then I think you "won". The reason I said 90 days is because experimenting with productivity can take some time. When adding something new to life or trying something new you have to give it time to stick and usually that's 14-30 days.

Once upon a time (college) I felt like I mastered productivity. I was tired from partying and class, but at the same time I had a schedule that worked and things just flowed. Over the years I've made some changes to adjust to the adult world. It's not easy but this is the big upward motion of my career and I'm committed to figure it out.

So when am I going to master productivity?

2024 is my goal. lol I'm using the rest of this year to experiment, figure out my non negotiables, and plan more coding hours. At this point I figured out my ideal daily activities, but the hours are still off. That's ok because it happens. When I hit the following daily items just know I'm the most productive and best version of me.

  1. 5mi of cardio daily (biking)
  2. 1 mobile patch ticket completed a week
  3. 1 new class/study things done a month
  4. school is a breeze
  5. 4hrs a month min on hobbies
  6. work hours don't feel draining