This is Really Happening

Here I am 6 days out before I present at bsides Nashville. I'm not the first speaker on my track so that's cool but I'm also not in the middle. That's right, I'm the last speaker. That means I have to keep myself calm all day. I'm excited for this change but I'm also really nervous. It's a mix of imposter syndrome and the fact that I don't really like public speaking.

To update you on the presentation it is done and I've been practicing alone but I had one major issue, I'm nervous practicing alone too. facepalm Regardless I have the following plan for staying calm this week: having a dope playlist, made some space for friends, going to the movies with my sibling(s), and taking my anxiety meds. The meds are a last resort so that I can have a clear and focused mind without worrying about things out of my control.

My presentation consist of a few things I'm proud of:

  • Videos: some people are visual learners and as beginners it's easier to see and replicate
  • Solutions: how to report issues
  • Resources: places to go to get better that I've used/am using
  • Intro to me: I think it's easier to connect to speakers if you know something about them other than a job title. It let's you know where their passion came from and what drives them

Since this is the last post before my presentation I just wanted to give an update of how I feel and where I'm at. I will be recording myself speaking so that I can disect it with my best friend (she is a professional) and making a vlog out of my experience. I hope this experience opens up doors for me in terms of finding mentors and building my overall network back at home. I love my hometown (on a good day) and I really do hope to return and make an impact and this is just a first step at trying to accomplish that.