Starting Day

Disclaimer I will be using affiliate links and the are marked with "*"

So today is day 1 of sec+ prep. I said on twitter that if I don't have my cert by xmas I'm selling my ps4 which means a lot because it's how I hang out with friends and sometimes my siblings. I study differently than most people so I'm going to list my resources and how I'm going to use them. I'm a person who learns better with hands on experience. That being said I'll be doing a lot of security focused labs and reading in my spare time.



Security+ Book* and labs. Today I learned that with this book and labs you should be able to pass in 45 days so I'm going to use both extensively.


PentesterLab* because it's hands on terminal training and has some android security stuff.

Microsoft Azure Platform for expeience with LDAP.

Udemy course on Networking because networking is the foundation of everything.


So I'm doing something new here with notes. I will be making flashcards using Anki (this was suggested) for the first chapter and then if that doesn't work I'm going back to making flashcards by hand. I'm also switching things up and not taking notes on my ipad like originally planned. The iPad is good for me with pdfs and such but I think I'll be ok taking notes in the book margins.

Progress Tracking:

This will be something new I do. I really need to make a system stick and I want said system to be Clickup* long term with a smooth pairing with trello. So how does all this work? Clickup for big project things/goals broken into steps. Trello for a monthly & weekly breakdown of said steps. I use another app for daily todo but also I'm bad at daily todos so I really just look at a weekly breakdowns.


All work and no play makes you dull. I'm pretty lowkey so for every personal milestone I hit I'm going to do something I enjoy. Some weeks that will be video games, getting my nails done, gun range, or going out to eat. Now the ultimate reward will be after I pass. For that reward I plan to take myself out (not going to lie it will probs be to outback) and buy a bottle (patron). Not many people know but I don't drink much anymore so me buying a bottle and just relaxing is a big deal. It's been a crazy year and a lot of studying. This will be like taking finals to a college student so I will definately deserve this.