Sept 2023 Update

Update on what's going on in my technical life as of mid-september.

I realize that September is almost over but life is finally starting to slow down a bit and I figured I'd talk about what I have going on...


Well work is work for the most part. The tools/stack I work with has changed. I was doing mostly Terraform and AWS work. Now I'm doing more ansible and local data center setup type of work. It's a different pace and mindset but so far I think I like it. I'm really starting to understand how ansible works in the sre/devops workflow and it's been pretty cool and "easy" to use.

This changing in tools is what prompted me to do reviews on courses. You might be wondering where is the next course? Well I'm still in it. lol I should be done with another course by the end of the month, and shortly after that I will have completed another one. I'm choosing to pay for learning just so there is struture and I don't have to do the leg work of figuring things out. I don't really have the space to do that right now given my schedule.


I'm combining these two because I think they are hand in hand. SURPISE! I'm going to start another business. Why? I've realized that I always want the option to make money for myself, I don't want to rely on W2 only income, and I would really like to look into contracting to give some more flexibility.

I feel like this is where my feelings towards return to office goes but instead I'm going to explain why I'm constantly looking for more flexibility in my career. My adult-y adults are aging, I really miss traveling, and I prefer structuring my own days. I'm not saying you can't get this in an office, but I am saying that I'm looking for the best path to give me those things without it counting against me.

All that being said I'm looking at staying in this devops/sre space long term. I'm working on certs that will also get me the credentials to do mobile and cloud pentesting. If I had to say what my top 3 services would be right now it's the following:

  • mobile or cloud vulnerability scanning and reports
  • cloud setup with a specialization in aws and azure
  • temporary CTO that will help people setup technical teams and get their mvp out for their first round of funding