Week 4ish of Sec+ Studying

I didn't write one of these last week because of the holiday. I also needed to do some internal stuff as I plan to pass this and then plan for my next move.

What I did

I finished all the only practice test

Did some reading

Being talking a lot more on twitter about things I don't understand/need clarification with

What I'd change

I'm really in a bad space to be doing all this stuff if we are being honest. I am spliting my study time with this and GCP Associate Cloud Engineer. I'm also just worn out. I have moved so much this year and I'm at work doing things out of my element. It's just a lot to manage at once BUT I wanted this cert and I want to stop saying what I'm trying to do and just accomplish it.

Goals for the new week

Finish the audio

Run through practice test more

Deep dive on VPC stuff

Finish note cards

Finish going through the labs on the site

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