1 Week of Sec+ Studying

Welcome to one week in the study game. It's ruff over here. lol I have to force myself to take up to an hour after work to read or atleast do some security related task. That being said I have some tips/thoughts thus far.

I'm not using virtual notecards

I really tried this but I don't have my computer unlocked when I'm reading, so I have like 500 notecards I bought a few months back for a different course and I just been writing on those as I go. Also from my brief Psychology studying I know that writing things down helps you remember them and that is our whole goal.

How to make your notecards

Take this with a grain of salt because I don't actually know if this will work. I think you should make notecards for the vocab words and the grey boxes. Not all of the grey boxes are important to write but most of them are "Things to Remember" so ya know...remmeber them. lol

Set aside time on your calendar

Rik got me setup with clickup and calandar integration. I have due dates setup for every chapter and from there I created time blocks on my calendar to study. It has been working pretty well thus far but it's only been a week so let's check back in when I'm half way done with the book.


All of this is very high level. I don't want to give to many details because I don't know how this will work out but also I keep linking Beez because she has this cert already so she can help you understand how she passed and then how to use it upon completion. I'm doing things that work for my learning style so I can't say that these steps are going to work for your learning style.