At work I use this application called Jump Desktop. It allows me to RDP or VNC into a machine at a client site but I never know when to use which nor what the difference is. I hope to take the time to explain this a little so please bear with me and as always if your an expert please feel free to comment your thoughts.


RDP is short for remote destop protocol. RDP is built into every (Windows) machine so it's usually not a problem to use it.


VNC is defined as Virtual Network Computing. VNC needs needs a client to work. At work we use TightVNC when setting up VNC.

When To use Each

So my understanding is that it doesn't matter which you use as long as a "server" exist for the main access. If I could I guess I'd just make everything VNC. The only downfall I can find is that VNC acts like an interactive video so there is going to be a delay where as RDP is more like hooking your computer up to a projector. I couldn't really find proof to support that this was a bad idea so this is all I got for now. Next step would be to really look up the difference in the two protocols for the pros and cons of what's going on under the hood.