Picking a Path

Picking a Path

In my previous post I talked about how my health is affecting my life. Now I want to talk about what I've been doing during this time. I don't know what I want...no I know what I want but if we are being honest I'm extremely scared. I don't like taking more than 1-2 risk at a time. Anyway let's talk about what I've been doing the past month.


Well work has this really big feature we are pushing this month. It has been in the works since June so as you can imagine my stress is pretty high about it as I wrote 90% of the updates. This process has pushed me as a developer. Learning to take notes, understanding work flow, and trying to account for things you can't control. This is a release like no other in my career. I guess that's the cool thing about startups tho, your bound to learn something.


It's no secret I've been looking into dev ops. I think it makes the mobile work flow way less stressful and I've seen some articles about how you can integrate security into your CI pipelines. I've been learning more through CloudBees Academy and I think it's pretty solid. I've used Jenkins before so I'm not starting from scratch and I still learned a lot. You can even add the certificates for your completed classes to LinkedIn.


I've been reading a lot into project management this year. I don't know how my skillset plays into it but I want to do more leadership things. I understand mobile well and evaluating work given a timetable but I haven't has a chance to really put it to use.

Government Contracting

I think I mentioned I got serious about this. I'm working on website revamp, getting my clearance back, and securing a subcontract in the next few months. I want to start my career doing mobile development and eventually I'll branch into more security and IT things. I just need to get the ball rolling so I need to use the skills that are definitely verified.


I'm not 100% sure these go hand in hand but I would like to get 10 black women into mobile development (for now). I've set up for coffee chats and 1-on-1 chats. Coffee chats would be pretty lowkey just talking/brainstorming together. 1-on-1 chats would be more in depth let's make a plan to get you to your goal, type of thing.

When I talk branding I'm talking about making Backpack Media a known company. When you think mobile work you think of us. I would love to grow into an agency or something as time goes on. I also want to make backpacks. lol Even if they don't become popular I won't care. Getting to say I tried is really all I need in life. If I'm going to be known for something it's going to be for enjoying the small things.

Well that's it. Kinda boring, kinda light. I'm just trying to get the small things together ya know. Life changes pretty quick and I want to be flexible along with it.