Is Mobile Dev Recession Proof?

This is a repeat of an twitter thread I made

TLDR: your not recession proof if you can't move around the cloud or jump into full stack dev. Be mad if ya want or do some of the detailed things below

If you solely mobile dev and can’t transition to something else when needed then your going to be labeled non-essential. Very hard to justfy keeping a mobile dev if you can’t connect dots outside that area. So do the following👇🏽

  1. build apps. All types of apps. Web apps, rn, xamarin, native...get ATLEAST 2 projects under your belt that you’ve done and can talk about

  2. I always say this but learn backend stuff minimum. Node is my api language of choice but know how to build a backend and deploy to a server not just using firebase (plug for cloud api stuff too)

  3. freelance...consult...something. I’ve been dumb enough for all of us. Never stop doing this. Why? Good experience doing things outside the 9-5 that can make you essential in the 9-5

  4. learn a cloud. I see this trend picking up so pick a platform and get familiar with hosting a backend on it. Idc if it’s serverless or not.

  5. think past the keyboard. What if work for dev dried up? What else can you do? For me I can move into cloud, devops, pm. Start talking to your manager and stuff to see what you might like. If you freelance this is perfect testing ground (how I got in devops)

  6. I guess the next logical thing is get some certs: cloud, security, lean six sigma, pmp, chef...idk step out into something new that you find interesting but don’t veer too far off

  7. ok so this is like a point that shouldn’t be last BUT documentation. People have bad docs everywhere and you could get paid to come in, read code, build code, and document to whatever standard they need. Also a good way to get into Open Source Software.

If you want detailed help specific to you book here