March Check-in

This is going to be a quick post so I'm not even going to use section headers just paragraph breaks. Sorry that this is "so late" and that it's light but honestly my life feels more hectic than I want it to be.

February: For such a short month it was the most stress I've endured this year. There was just a lot going on. My only real high light is that I passed my midterm. I also was able to get through some books during my downtime and started doing some light gaming again.

March: You know...I'm just trying to make it this month. I started cycling towards the end of Feb so I'll be keeping up my 10-15mi per week. I will also continue to game since I'm remembering how relaxing it is. Past that it's really all work and school.

Apologies this is so boring. I'm just really swamped right now and everything is feeling like a hope and dream.

PS: RIP to my friend Hank who game me some amazing advice when we last spoke