Life Update

So look it's been awhile. I've been here building and such, but life has been crazy. I'm going to briefly highlight some things I'm working on for the next 6months. I would also like to make post like this more regular, so I'll look into fitting that in by January.

Mobile Apps

I mentioned on Linkedin last month that I'm working on two apps. That's still true but it has been a slow process.

My Car is an app to track things that I do with my car. From tire rotations to mods (a post for another day). My goal for completion is the end of November. During that time I'm building everything in SwiftUI with test and using Xcode Cloud.

I still don't have a name for the pet tracking app so if you know me and have an idea slide it my way. Anyway I want to be an annoying pet parent with my own personalized feed. Long term I want anyone to that watches my fur friend to also add to my feed. This will be the first app I focus on selling or partnering with a company. We can talk about that later because I'm just talking at this point.


I've been fortunate enough to get into the Encode Bootcamp thanks to ETH Denver. I'm so excited to get back into crypto on a deeper level and as a dev. I won't keep talking about that here but checkout my github for homework and projects.

I'm really trying to push things with my career. In the next 5 years I'd rally like for the majority of my income to come from my own company. I've fallen at this before but I think I'm finally ready to branch out and commit.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the update, hope life is going well for you, and I'll catch you in the next post.