January Update & 2023 Goals

another update on app goals and some new year goals.

A new month, new goals. You might be wondering what else I can get into...nothing. I'm pretty tapped out on how much I can do at this point in time which isn't a bad thing at all. Let's go to why your here tho...

Changes Since December

I started the pet app (which I'll be calling Pet Log), but I haven't put time into getting it beta ready. Why? Something about using My Car really has me wanting to focus on it. On linkedin I announced I even changed my Night and Weekends project to My Car. My true blocker here is figuring out if I want a paid version and what that looks like. Other than that the year ended on a pretty positive note.

2023 Goals

Now this might be a lot so let me make a small list and then have some longer form explanation.


  • Principal or Lead title at work
  • Finish Nights & Weekend program
  • My Car to 250 active users
  • Pet Log launched and 100 active users
  • 365 3d prints
  • 30 blog post
  • Maybe start a new business
  • Container God

As you might have noticed these are all goals that I can talk about on this here blog. Nothing wrong with that either since my biggest goals are super personal and honestly...I don't need everyone to know. Anyway I'm really REALLY focused on pushing my career to new heights. Titles don't mean much to me but they mean a lot to industry and I'm starting to feel like the work I do deserves more recognition.

You'll notice that all the mobile app things are personal. That's because I think (keyword think) I want to be serious about that being my hobby. I've been on the fence for years but in my holiday break I really thought about the difference in endorphins I get on personal app projects vs work.

Finally I'll talk a bit more about the possible new business. I had Backpack Media since 2017. I felt like I was always trying to figure out what I wanted to do and nothing really felt right. I did System Summer School last year and everything just clicked for me. I would like a business where I'm consulting (or contracting) for a few months at a time. This give me a lot more control over my time and type of projects. I think taking the time out to figure out what this looks like will be best for me and my ideal lifestyle.

Hope you enjoyed the update and feel free to hit me up to tell me what you think or what your goals are.

PS. I know in previous post I mentioned having comments or getting them back. Well I don't like the ads, security behind any of these 3rd party libs so I'll just never have them again. Sorry about that.