I Passed the ISC2 CC

The title says it all. I'm writing this as I wait on the second level of approval from the org, but I got the initial congrats you passed. The test wasn't bad at all and I'm glad I took it even if I was just "doing things". Let me just tldr my overall experience and we can call this a day.

Why this cert?

Simple answer...it was free.

How was the study material?

The material from ISC2 is actually kinda weird. I think they try doing a mix of practical learning by using a coffee shop situation/example to follow along with. Anyway to each their own but I found it boring yet quick. Maybe it works for others. I learned a few new things, but a lot of this was material I knew from previous experience.

How was the test?

It was pretty much the same as the practice test. Actually this format reminds me of the ACT a bit. Eliminate what you know is wrong and then pick the best out of what is left.

The thing I also really like about this cert oppose to sec+ is that it taught me more about how cybersec connects across teams. The questions felt more system focused than the sec+ and I like seeing the system. Learning the system was great too because honestly there are some processes at work I never understood until starting this course.

This or the Sec+?

Honestly I don't think this is a good question. Sec+ is still asked for more. Always go with the well known cert if your spending money. I think both certs have their place as well. Like I said this one felt like understanding a system (groups of teams) more than anything else, and that can be important context.

If you have to make a choice on your dime to better further your career get the sec+ and keep it moving.

Anything Else?

Not really. I want to remind you to not follow trends, do your own research, and make the right choice for yourself and your career.