I Joined a Blockchain Bootcamp

Why I joined ConsenSys' blockchain bootcamp and how I plan to use my new skills.

I just want to start out saying that this isn't random. This is a very intentional choice and I want to talk about why I wanted to do this, what I gain out of it, and how I plan to use this in the future. The bootcamp I chose is the Blockchain Developer Bootcamp by ConsenSys. It just recently started so I can't really give an opinion on the course material but I will be writing follow-up post as things along.

My Why

I'm pretty new to the underlying things going on in crypto. I might work in crypto but I can't say I know much past the surface. One of the many groups I'm in drops a lot of info about different blockchains and I got to thinking that this truly is the next big industry move (look at "big tech players" moving to focus on web3.0).

As someone who is very openly anti-web and coming from mobile this might be a problem for the future of what I can do. I could also be wrong but what is life without risk. That being said I decided to give this web3.0 thing a try to future proof my career moves. I'm not usually this forward thinking but I imagine making the career move is going to be quite the hassle for me in the long run.

Anyway I feel like I'm rambling. I entered a hackathon on gitcoin and my suspicion was confirmed. This will be a really big learning curve for me. Probably harder than learning C++ or even how to work in the cloud. Given this personal data I don't want to risk learning on my own so I found this bootcamp and applied for a scholarship.

To come out of this as a success (to me) I want to be able to navigate the web better, understand how blockchain works on a deeper technical level (being able to talk about the smart contracts), and be able to contribute to the community. Traditionally I haven't really made any crazy OSS impact, but I think moving to blockchain/web3.0 will change that and give me an opportunity to not only be early but maybe be a solid contributor as the area advances.

Future Plans

I would love to do some smart contract work by the end of the bootcamp. I'm hoping this eventually leads me to doing some security work in the space. This work also will boost business opportunity in the future (I know I haven't talked about that in awhile). I can get the ball running and then in the future as I add more people I can give them the option of going through this same course or just getting the certification.