Hour 11: Fixing Mistakes

This will be a really short update for me (shocker).

I kinda forgot when you unplug things the IP address will be dynamically assigned again. Well...I lost the "original" IP address of my server. I really forgot because in the cloud I use static ips and it just never dawned on me to do the same locally. Anyway I'm going to fix it and document it all (expect a how to for setting static IPs on an ubuntu server).

Documentation has been a big push of mine lately. I don't know what wiki type container thing I'll use for my notes but I've just been typing up my homelab instructions/setup in Joplin for an easy transfer when the time comes. It's pretty helpful to document everything as well because now I actually know what is where.

Anyway that's all I got. If you have any suggestions for documentation just let me know. Ideally I want to have a "public" welcome to my lab page and then on sign-in or something then you can see the deeper details.