HomeLab Update

Happy New Year! I'm not counting this post under my homelab hours just because. I do want to say that documentation is important though and I wanted to start the new year focused on that.

So what's new?

Nothing really. I plan to upgrade my phone so I'm just getting things together "at home" to backup all my photos and such so that the move goes over easily. I think (90%) I'm going to use tailscale for being able to tunnel back to my home network when on the go. I have also been looking into a more up to date router because the one I have is pretty old (from 2019).

Oh on a software note I installed this app called Joplin. I'm using it to replace emacs and logseq when studying. Joplin is more like 1 Note or Obsidian with a notebook to notes breakdown. Anyway I'm liking it so far and think I'll keep it up for my lab stuff. I just need to backup things to my NAS and nextcloud.

Where is our updated picture?

Glad you asked. It's here!

Are you still doing the series?

I'd like to until I hit 100hrs. I don't mind being flexible in my goals for learning. Especially with the other stuff I accomplished last quarter and I'll be starting up school again this year. Anyway all that to say the new 100hr goal is my 30th bday (June). If I make it I'm just going to buy a beefier computer. If I don't make it...I'm still going to buy a beefier computer. lol

I'm trying to celebrate everything including the small things this year so this is a win/win situation.