Tackling goals while super sad/depressed

Tackling goals while super sad/depressed

This topic is a little dark-ish but maybe it will help others. I’m a pessimist, it has kept me “safe” for years, but that compounded with losing 4 friends since this time last year has made it a fairly dark time. If you have seen me online you might not think I’m telling the truth and that’s fine. When I’m super sad I do more which is weird BUT here are some ways I get it done and stay “stable”.

I make goals in advance/during happier times

I try to make a list of financial things I can do and fun things. Bills are going to get paid regardless but when people are in a bad headspace they tend to spend more money seeking happiness so I give myself savings goals because commas are fun to see no matter your mental state. Don’t be a prude tho, do something fun. I tend to take trips (if feasible), grab a game I been eying, or go to the movies.

Double down on professional goals

It’s so easy to whallow at where you are in life. I take a day or energy burst and write out what I want to do and then start working on it. Once I start I’m usually pretty set on following thru even if it takes longer than planned. Example? AWS CCP was the first cert I got after talking about them for months and making excuses. I legit paid for the test and was like “well self, you know you want a career change so don’t waste our money”.


Cliché as hell but it’s also easier for me to do unpleasant things like 5am workouts. Why do I do this? I try to remind myself of Legally Blonde
Now idk if you are happier but atleast I do enjoy knowing I can lift heavier and it looks like I’m consistent.


Now this is hard...it’s about balance here. I cook a lot because I have food allergies but I throw in some cheat days. I really like Thai and Chinese food. When I worked in a warehouse I would grab fast food as a cheat (please don’t ask which so we can stay friends).

Roll with “the bad” days

Feeling down? Want to just bum around? Then take it. Look...its hard to put forth effort all the time. Sometimes you just need to buy that bottle of wine and watch Netflix. I get it. Take it. Try not to stay there but I may use one of my weekend days for that. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Cry or do something destructive

Don’t be stupid here with interpretation. If you need to cry make space to cry (showers are great). If you want to break things then go find one of those break room, maybe go to ax throwing, or go hit a ball (batting cage or golf).

Most importantly go to therapy

Nothing else to say here but I want to plug talk space if you want to avoid doing something face to face. Use code THEREAD or FRIENDZONEPOD for an initial discount (I think)

I’m not saying all of this will work for you but some of it might. The goal is to acknowledge your not ok but keep the needle moving even if it’s a micron at a time. I guess I’m saying balance.