Final ConsenSys Thoughts

Note: This was written months ago and has been sitting in drafts. See the editor's note at the bottom to know why.

The Consensys academy has come to an end. I really pushed it to the last minute with my project (normal me), but it has been turned in and now I feel confident and telling you about my experience. Before I start I want to say thanks for the scholarship that I got to the bootcamp. I look forward to returning the favor hopefully next year. I'll link all my previous post about the bootcamp and then give final thoughts.

Initial thoughts

How it started

I took a slight detour


Let's jump in with my final thoughts...I did this bootcamp all wrong. How? At first I was trying to take notes as I learned. There is just too much material for that so it's not realistic. You just need to read/watch things and keep it moving. If you have time to go back at the end or before a new lesson starts then you can take notes.

Another thing I learned during these few months is that the outside talks were largely unhelpful. Let me explain before you take that the wrong way. The guest speakers talk about advance things. That's on purpose but if you are like me you will try to fit these videos in with your study material and you shouldn't. Save them until a day you want to take a break from the information or the very end. That's the only way to do it. You have access to the course for a year so don't feel pressured.

Overall I think the material was really good and detailed to set you up to be a successful solidity developer. I have decided to not pursue this route in the future. I have enjoyed my time using Solana and Rust, and much prefer it as a developer so I'll be moving to work on projects in those languages.

Any Changes?

I'd change the structure of the course setup. I understand why presentations were just tacked on to sections but I'd have put them in their own sections. It would be easier to find and I think it reduces the pressure to think you need to get through them during your time studying.

Lastly I would stop using truffle. I know everyone has their own opinions, but after building with truffle and hardhat I prefer hardhat. Why? There aren't as many "extra" parts to get things going. I'm all for the easiest workflow so if I can just stay in the terminal without an extra application then I'm all for it.

If you are looking to get into Blockchain Development and have the chance to do Consensys's Bootcamp I highly recommend it. Especially if you think you need the structure. Congrats to all my classmates on finishing strong and fingers crossed my project does well.

Editor's Note: I was unable to get my project graded. I got really sick during the extension. I just had 1 more section to complete and test and was unable to turn it in.