February Update

feb update

Welcome back for another update. I'm sorry things haven't been my usual deep dives but as you can see I've been having quiet the crazy life. Let's jump in for the month shall we?

Things Accomplished

Build Space Nights and Weekends

I completed Build Space Season 2. It was a bit stressful, really fun, and I learned a lot. First off I'll talk about Demo Day a bit. Demo day as very cool even though I didn't have a formal presentation. Building on the fly, creating forms, and taking notes as people came by. It was really the most exciting thing I've ever done...maybe even cooler than giving presentations in  college (do some google's if you really want to know). The calls put on during that time were cool too even if they were during work.

The top things I took out of the entire experience was creating a good tag line (I even tried out chat GPT), nail down your users, have an end in mind (number of users, MRR, downloads), and get into beta as soon as possible. Ok maybe not beta but I made mobile apps so beta is the closest I think one can get to prod without actually hitting prod. I admit doing this with mobile was harder than expected though. There are a lot of steps to getting an app into beta even with automation (omg I got fastlane working. For another blog post though).

TLDR: I'm glad I took a chance to be part of season 2 of Nights and Weekends and also glad that I stuck with everything even when I needed to pivot.


As of writing Pet Log is still only in beta. I got a few bugs to finish before prod. I also took some time out to think about some of the notes I got from Nights and Weekend. I can't wait for this app to be out but I don't want any bumps. I'm not looking for perfect, I'm looking for flawless workflow.

I also haven't done any updates for My Car. Why not? I just don't think it's needed. I haven't advertised it so the app has stalled a bit. Trade Book needs an update to get up to date with material 3. I also haven't made it.

Actually I want to stop here and ask...why do you all give 1 star reviews for issues and not use the contact form in app?

Anyway...I want to spend the next 6 weeks getting everything back together but there is one thing that also has my attention for the foreseeable future. Let's talk about it.


SURPRISE!!! lol jk I'm going back to school. It's not really a shock that I'm going back. It might be shocking that I'm going back and majoring in math. I haven't fuck yoully worked out everything but I'll make it work. If you know me then you know I'll make it work because I always do. What sparked this? Well I been talking about going back to school and having everything done by 30. This year I turn 29...I might be able to graduate with everything right before my 31st.

I'm not saying you should ever put a timeline on things like this but I'm not normal so here we are. Anyway, wish me luck on a stressful journey.

What's the Monthly Plan

Honestly I'm just trying to make it every day. I have nothing set in stone right now as my mounth actually started out really stressful. Regardless "we move!". I just want school to keep going well, maybe clean up some of my apps along the way, and start another creative hobby (self-care in all).

So I hope you all have a less busy month than me, I hope everyone sees the success they desire, and don't forget to do self-care.