December Update

Back with another monthly update. There was a lot going on and I’m sad-ish bout some things and fine with others. Anyway lets get to it…

My Car App

So I didn’t really finish this app. I have some small things to work on in the last workflow (adding events), but overall I made good progress and learned a lot about KMM, SQLDelight, and Hilt. That was the real goal so I’m not disappointed. I am however increasing frustrated with Google’s new privacy policy thing. I would like for them to have a default policy for when your only using their products but they didn’t ask me.

Encode bootcamp

I finished! It looked a little ruff there but all and all its done. I learned more than expected. I basically finished my old Consensys project, but this time I can actually say I understood the why behind all of my choices. I think previously I was just like “this is how they say it’s structured”.

Now going to class for 90mina Mon-Thurs was extremely hard for me, but we made it through and I’m really happy with the results. I’m most interested in auditing so maybe I can get into that side of web3 in the future.

The Pet App

Build Space Nights and Weekends Acceptance Photo

So your wondering why that Build Space picture is in this section huh? Well I applied and got into Build Space’s Nights and Weekend (N&W) program to build and grow this app.

N&W is 6 weeks of building, checkin, and accountability. I’m excited to have the chance to have accountability buddies while trying to obtain my first 100 users. There are a few other things to work out to have a fully published app in 6wks but I’m not going to sweat it bc I have a checklist 😎.

TLDR on what all this means? Once again I’m very busy but I’m finally the type of busy I enjoy. I’m building and learning things I’m interested in and I can’t really ask for more than that ya know. Until next time 👋🏽