Closing Backpack Media

Public announcement about what's next for Backpack Media.

Backpack Media was started March 9, 2017. It was started because of a bad experience freelancing, but also because I thought I'd be a freelancer part time and start my own business. I've done a lot of cool things under this company, but it's time to pivot and let it go.

I'm not going anywhere per se but I'll be creating a new business profile to work under that is focused on cloud technologies. I don't think I got the results I wanted out of Backpack Media and that's ok. Backpack Media taught me a valuable lesson, sometimes you need to understand why to pivot and how.

I'm very grateful for the opportunities I've gotten and the people I've met on this venture, but it's time to say good-bye. It is truly time for me to find something more fitting for my long-term career and life goals. What that means, I don't actually know at the moment but we shall figure it out. I have a few things I want to try along this new journey I am embarking on, but I'll let you know when the new business pans out and I am ready to be public about it.

Again, thanks for your support in my entrepreneur journey. Thanks for anyone I've used as a contractor for doing cool work. Thanks to any clients for trusting me and my skills to help you create things.