CFP: What I Learned

The end of last year I submitted 2 conference proposals. Talking at a conference I think is a necessary evil. I don’t really like it BUT I want to start sharing my knowledge in person. 1 of my proposals got denied and at first I didn’t understand why but I then I saw the proposals for the 2nd conference and totally understood. I’m going to use this post to talk about what I learned so all your proposals can be accepted in the future.

Getting Started with CI/CD

Status: rejected

Ever wonder how to make your dev process more efficient? Are you already writing
test and want to automate them on a weekly basis or on an update to master?
In this talk I will discuss how to use the 3 most common CI/CD platforms and 
give suggestions when to use them. The platforms of focus will be on **Jenkins, 
Travis, and Circle** as those seem to be the most popular tools in this area.
We will discuss the limitations of each platform and show example setups for different situations.

The feedback I received on this post was that the topic was too broad. At first I didn’t understand but it finally makes sense. I could have been more specific such as stating that I’d be using CI/CD for continues updates of a database...or something. The fact that I can’t really tell you where I wanted to go with this should also be very telling.
I think I was just really trying to say I submitted but deep down this topic and conference might not have been for me. I will take this as a lesson and try to make my future proposals better and more aligned with things of interest. As stated I really have a goal of only 1 talk this year BUT I’m not going to hesitate to achieve more than that. I think the next steps would be to attend some meetups and then try to give a talk. I might have just bit off more than I could handle here and I should just take small steps.