Business Goals

Business Goals

I don't think I've really talked about this on here but I started Backpack Media back in 2017. We are small for now but I want to make a big effort to have known agency making 6figs in the next 2 years. That means I have to put in extra time outside of work but that's fine. It also means I have to get comfortable with contractors...that's going to be new. I've been in Ari's Allergic to Hourly course and I think that can really get things going not only locally but also with growing the business on the government side as well.

Anyways there are 2 things I'm going to really try to push this winter, videos and content. I'll explain more below but I'm focusing on these the most because I know the skillset is already there. Nobody should aspire to stay in one spot too long. I've been joking for years about retiring and I think building the agency and having this content will allow me to help get others into the mobile and cloud field even after I retire (whenever that is).

1. More Videos

We, Backpack Media, have been testing different setups to figure out how this can be done with the best quality. As of now there is a new mic, pending stream schedule with topics, and a consult with Lux/Seek (if your want to get your streaming life together please book a time to chat with her).

The idea here is to livestream building and/or talking about all things mobile and cloud on twitch but then the saved archives are on Youtube. Not going to switch up the twitch tag because the gamer tag is love BUT the Youtube channel is under Backpack Media. The goal is to give back by creating space for people to watch and ask questions real time. Coding can be difficult but don't let that stop you from being great.

2. Content

I guess the videos are technically content but it's working content. No super promises but there will be more blog post, graphics, and "cheat sheets" for people. How will this all be clue but until I can figure out the way that connects the most with people then I'll just try a little of everything.

So this is a great time to plug the newsletter, BUT I don't have one yet. I'll edit this when I do.