Building in Public

Building in Public

I've been reading a lot of things lately from mobile to blockchain. A thing that has stood out to me is the notion of building in public. It's like OSS (open source software) but it's not. It very interesting that this is more common place now.

I remember when people use to be scared someone would steal their idea. Now the idea is you talk about what your doing, get high level feedback, and iterate. You don't necessarily need to show code or open up your code to the public. It's a cool way to build community around products.

So why is this standing out to me? As of writing this I watched the rise of $SCAM coin and I don't really understand why it got so popular. Seeing anomalies like that makes me wonder if it would be sustainable to build a business (mobile app empire) in the same way. I don't think it's impossible to see it turn into a real thing but I'm not sure what that time commitment would be.

I'm personally really bad at advertising that I do things. I've always been doing things and the older I got the more I wanted to keep things on the low until I'm ready. On the other side of that what if just blogging here, making a public timeline site, or using one of these other public accountability sites could be the ultimate game changer. I don't really have to advertise, I just build and update the site, and let people follow naturally if interested. Essentially that's how easy marketing should be if done right, no? lol

I'm probably just rambling this brain dump but TLDR: publicly building is something I'm interested in and would like to try my hand at a bit more.