How I build Scripts/Bots

This is a repeat of an twitter thread I made to test a script

We are going to go through the process of building my "URL Graber" Script. I wanted to collect a bunch of links I had posted one night without having to manually go back through my timeline. I built this in python but the midset can be used in any language. Anyway let's get this done...

  1. You sit and list out the steps you want. I prefer a whiteboard for this but paper cool. I knew I wanted to search my tl->find tweets with links->grab the links for a file

  2. Do a lil research into the packages you might need. Twitter api means I need tweepy

  3. Read the documentation. This is truly a shocking step coming from me but it helps you know know what your looking for, what creds you might need before hand, and get a sense of initial setup. In the example I know I wanted to search a user's (mine) personal timeline and I needed to figure out where the links are in the result object

  4. Test for data. So at this point I will make sure my creds work and just try to pull whatever data I’m going to parse. Try to be as quick as possible with ctrl-c if your going to be getting mutiple objects back, and maybe open the results in a text file so it's better for your eyes.

  5. Understand how results are returned. Now a good api tells you this so you don’t have to strain your eyes but everyone isn’t good. Make sure you know how to parse the big blob of data

  6. Start cleaning up. Now that you know what you want test it out and make sure it returns the way you want. By this point I got the tweets coming back in order but I needed to get the urls so I tested a few things and cleaned up how my data was printed. I realized I only need the tweet text and then the url with it so I wasn't guessing at the links.

  7. Delete those unused print statements. Unless your using loging and can easily turn it off go back thru and delete all print statements that aren’t what you want to see in your console. Do this because when you do security work you realize this is the weakest link for devs. We console log everything possible.

  8. Prosper. Thats really it folks. So to summarize: write it out->initial research->read docs->mini test->verify results->refractor/cleanup->secure coding cleanup

You can find the completed code for this script here