Becoming a Flutter Dev

Becoming a Flutter Dev

This title might be a bit extreme. lol I'm trying to better myself as a mobile developer and I know for a fact that to stay ahead of the curve I need to master one of these hybrid languages. I've tried almost all of them at this point and my previous 2 jobs were heavy Xamarin. All in all I pick flutter.

Why flutter?

Well if my other blog post will come back, I stated that I believe flutter has the shortest learning curve. I also think it's somewhat like python, basic. I would really like to take a few people under my wing to see how fast they get up to speed with flutter but I want to make sure I feel more comfortable in troubleshooting and such.

Any Cons?

Absolutely! Android Studios is not the greatest per usual. Also building flutter apps can take a lot of space. You are adding in all these external libraries and I think that + flutter sdk (which is HUGE) can really push you for space. If possible I would focus on building one app at a time with flutter to save your space. Lastly they say you can use VS Code with flutter but let me tell you...don't.