Ansible For Beginners Review

Ansible For Beginners Udemy course review

Since I'm pushing for a lot of new skills before the new year I figured I'd publish some reviews of things as I go. I recently finished Ansible for Beginners on Udemy. Here are my general thoughts...


  • vdi base site looked sketchy
  • not enough troubleshooting FAQs for virtual box
  • needed more FAQs in general since it seems a bit "old"
  • only have a windows setup
  • no solution for the project at the end (or atleast I didn't find it)


  • teach you to setup an environment with virtualbox
  • show you were to get a base vdi
  • introduced me to mobaterm app
  • coding exercises
  • super clear explanations on concepts


I'd recommend this course for people who are new to ansible. I think I took it before on Kode Kloud before canceling my subscription, but at that time I didn't really know where I'd be using ansible.

Anyway from setup to examples this was a really good course. It was a bit of a bummer to hit the snags especially if you were new at linux/using virtual box, but all in all I think this is a good starting place. If I could give one suggestion for the course it would be to have a bonus section showing users a setup for wsl and the arm Macs. That feels like asking a lot so you as you please with that.

I want to say I'll be recommending it to new comers in the future but reality is, nobody really ask me about getting into devops stuff. lol I'm still the mobile person.