My name is Keheira (key-air-uh) and I'm a backpack connoisseur and all around techie. I code, do hardware builds, and study security. 😎  I run a Mobile Application Agency, but we are transiting to more cloud and devops things. In my free time I like to play video games, or do photography. To see things I'm coding check out my github and to check out some tech and bag reviews check out my youtube. If you ever have a question/comment please feel free to contact me and I'll respond as soon as possible.

Backpack Media

Company website where you can book to work with us or just learn about what is going on at the agency. Things we can help with:

  • Mobile app maintenance
  • Getting into mobile app development
  • Getting started with cloud
  • Setting up your cloud environment

Android Apps

Google Play page for Company apps. These apps were made start to finished internally. There are also some external apps you can take a look at as well such as MMR Toronto (available in Canada only) and VetGuards.

615 Mobile Notary

Need a notary? I got you. Go to the site, make an appointment, and I come to you to get whatever you need signed.