4mo Reflection

4mo reflection of being a Sr dev

4mo Reflection

Holas world. I been back in Android about 4 months and it's starting to feel normal again. I've had a lot of first lately like using an interface in a real application, getting my team to move to nav-graph and kotlin, and learning a new industry I never saw myself in.

Think the following would be the most helpful "tips" that I've learned so far:

  • The difference between mid and sr dev is being able to articulate why the team should go with a certain plan
  • Make sure to talk with your team before making architecture decisions
  • Understand the goal of the company and the experience they want for users
  • Learn how to say no
  • Understand how to map things out. You need to understand and control the pace of the sprint so your not stressed
  • Take breaks doing something you love
  • If your in a new industry I would try to make space to learn more about it from a consumer perspective. It helps you understand what a user might expect so you can better advocate for them

Think that's all a got. I'm writing this while mentally stuck on some issues so I hope this helps you in your job at any level