100 Days of Homelab

Starting 100 Days of Homelab. Here are my rules and first update.

Welcome to the start of my 100 days of homelab challenge. An overview of this idea can be found here. I found this challenge on social media, but I'm not going to lie to myself...I probably won't do 100 days straight. The simplest form of this challenge is 100hrs working on your homelab. THAT I can do and commit to.

So here are my personal 100 days of homelab rules:

  • create a plan
  • track my hours
  • blog post on major changes
  • instagram post on the cool stuff
  • internal documentation of my entire setup

I'm going to knock out the first bullet point in this post but outside of that I'll be pre-pending "Hour x" to any post related to this challenge.

Why can't you just follow the rules?

The idea for the official rules is to be in your lab every day. I work in a "lab" for my career. Sometimes I want to come home and not fix things on my own system. I want the flexibility to not do things and still feel good on my progress.

So why are you doing this?

I've been trying to expand/correct my homelab for awhile. We are getting down to the last few days of the year and I thought this would be a perfect goal for me. I'm not trying to build my "forever homelab", but I am trying to have a solid base of an personal data center.

What is the plan?

v1 of homelab diagram

Well I made this lucid chart (above). I hope this makes sense but tldr I don't want to depend on the cloud stuff as much. I want to know I have multiple local backups of my photos, and files in case something goes away. Given all of that the first major upgrade I'll make is getting a local instance of next cloud going.

And then?

Look I'm not too sure. lol Bare with me as I make small improvements. I'll maybe look into using a rpi for a documentation server, but no promises. I'll keep updating my diagram as we go but so far this is what I have.