Personal Releases

App Name: Filler Word Counter

This app eliminates the need for pen and paper to count the number of filler words at public speaking events. All you have to do is to hit the green "filler" button every time you here words such as "um", "like", "ya know", ect.

Platform: Android and iOS

Today's Style (Discontinued)

Are you a Woman of Color (WoC) tired of all that extra searching for cute hair styles rocked by fellow WoCs online? Well download this app and avoid search engines all together! All you do is pick the style and situation and your fellow WoCs have pictures for you. Have a style you want to share with the community? You can do that too! The more people that submit styles the better the database of styles becomes.

Little Black Ledger

Ever have family or friends that don't use things such as Venmo, Paypal, or Cash app? Well instead of using notes use this little black book to help you manage who owes you and the amount. Everyone could use a good ledger on them at all times.

Platform: Android


MMR Toronto

Official app of Magic Male Revue Toronto! Plan your night out by checking out our upcoming events tab! Find the location of all our next shows and get tickets right inside the app! Check out your favourite dancers profiles and connect with them right inside of the app! Subscribe to your city to be notified when MMR is coming to a city near you!

Project type: iOS to Android conversion


Vet Guards is a full-service security company that provides on-demand, professional security services using an innovative mobile app. All security services are provided by military veterans that are licensed security professionals. Vet Guards offers armed security, unarmed security, event security, vehicle escorts, executive protection services and travel security specialists. Vet Guards serves individuals, businesses and government organizations and can provide professional security services with little advanced notice.

Project type: iOS to Android conversion