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Fun bio

My name is Keheira (key-air-uh) and I'm a backpack connoisseur and all around techie. I build software, hardware, and ikea furniture. 😎 I'm a freelance mobile applications developer, soon-to-be fulltime applications developer, and masters student.
In my free time I like to stream video games and create music (production or just being in a band).
To see things I'm coding check out my github and to check out some reviews check out my youtube. If you ever have a question/comment please feel free to contact me and I'll respond as soon as possible.

Professional Bio

I’m Keheira from Tennessee and the creator of Backpack Media, LLC. I’m a mobile applications developer that graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in Computer Engineering. When not coding a new app, I’m an avid reader, backpack collector, and gamer (I stream under the name mochila_ninja). I got into technology to work with robotics, but somewhere in college I fell in love with security and connected devices. In the future I aim to be a CTO and medical device security expert.

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